New prints at Gallery Posthuys in De Koog on Texel and at Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen

In 2019 I had already started drawing for this print ‘Ode to van Gogh’, a themed exhibition organized by Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen. However, our move threw a spanner in the works at the time, which meant that the work was delayed. Last january I picked up the plate from the drawer again and continued with it. Surely a nice reminder of our beautiful place to live in Boelenslaan, the blossom tree that bloomed profusely for two weeks every year, before the rest of the trees turned green.

The work, together with other new prints, can be seen at Gallery Posthuys on Texel and soon also at Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen.

From May 15 to June 27  I’ll participate in the open House at Romee Kanis, Gallery Boot & Steyn, Sint Maartensbrug.

Houtsnede, 2021-I  (ingelijst 60×70 cm)

Exhibition at Gallery INKT continues online

Nieuwsbrief Online expo INKT

For more information about the works,

please contact us at

The window at gallery INKT is regularly changed.

Festive December – exhibition Grietje Postma, INKT Delft

From November 27 there will be an exhibition of my prints at Gallery INKT in Delft.

You are all most welcome!

On Thursday and Friday from 12.30 – 17.30 pm

On Saturday from 12- 17 pm, and by appointment.

The New York Satellite Print Fair LIVE

Visit The New York Satellite Print Fair LIVE !, October 16-26


My prints will be represented by William P. Carl Fine Prints

and Mesh Art Gallery

Technical experiment

Houtsnede, 2020-III, op MDF

Het opbouwen van de kleuren bij houtsnede 2020-III

Linoleumsnede, 2020-VIII

Houtsnede, 2020-II, kleurstudie

Woodcut, 2020-III is printed using a board of MDF instead of  the birch plywood, what I normally use for my prints. At 2020-VIII I used linoleum, which is new to me, and fun to try; to find out if it brings new possibilities. The works can be seen October 2 – December 20 at the  22th O.R.T. , at Museum Mohlmann in Appingedam. But you can also view my work on Texel, at Gallery Posthuys, in Haarlem at Gallery Année, en in Nuenen at Gallery Bonnard. In december there is an exhibition of my work at Gallery INKT in Delft.

22th Independent Realists Exhibition

From October 2 – December 20, the yearly Independent Realists Exhibition will take place,

at Museum Møhlmann in Appingedam.

You are all most welcome,

every Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 13-17 pm.

Make your reservation and have a look at the newest works in various techniques of 114 different artists!

‘Just together’, september in Haarlem

September 5-26 at Galerie Année, Gedempte Oude Gracht 33 in Haarlem:

‘Just together’ ,


With the works of Renée Markus Janssen, Harry de Leeuw, Luc Peters,

Grietje Postma and René Tweehuysen.


The gallery is open at Thursday and Friday from 11 am – 5.30 pm

at Saturday from 11 am – 5 pm  and on every first Sunday of the month.

You are all most welcome!

Magnificent Miniatures 3

July 31 – September 27

‘Magnificent Miniatures’ , at Museum Møhlmann

More than 400 works, all smaller than 14×14 cm


Also extension of the exhibition ‘In the footsteps of Jan Mankes’

There is enough space in the museum, you are most welcome!

“Graphics’, Gallery Posthuys, De Koog, Texel

July 8 – August 30 I will participate with my newest prints in the exhibition ‘Graphics’ at Gallery Posthuys, De Koog, Texel. You are also able to see and buy the works of Dimitri Feenstra,Annelies van Nieuwmegen, Marjolijn Terwindt and Yvonne Zomerdijk. For more information and other current exhibitions:

You are all most welcome!

‘Open House 2020’ exhibition Romee Kanis

‘The Open House 2020’, the exhibition with Romee Kanis in Sint Maartensbrug (NH), will be postponed to next year, as a result of the corona crisis.

More information:

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