New prints at Gallery Posthuys in De Koog on Texel and at Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen

In 2019 I had already started drawing for this print ‘Ode to van Gogh’, a themed exhibition organized by Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen. However, our move threw a spanner in the works at the time, which meant that the work was delayed. Last january I picked up the plate from the drawer again and continued with it. Surely a nice reminder of our beautiful place to live in Boelenslaan, the blossom tree that bloomed profusely for two weeks every year, before the rest of the trees turned green.

The work, together with other new prints, can be seen at Gallery Posthuys on Texel and soon also at Gallery Bonnard in Nuenen.

From May 15 to June 27  I’ll participate in the open House at Romee Kanis, Gallery Boot & Steyn, Sint Maartensbrug.

Houtsnede, 2021-I  (ingelijst 60×70 cm)

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